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The Lighting of the Christmas Tree 2001

Once again, the Raheny Business Association, with the aid of many others and the kind gift of a tree by Dublin Corporation, hosted a wonderful village event as Raheny's Christmas Tree for 2001 was lit on Friday, December 7th. Here, courtesy of Jonathan Foley, are some pictures to help capture the warm spirit and atmosphere of the evening.

It will take a few moments to load all the pictures but they are very compact and should not delay you long. Enjoy!

Old St. Assam's by lamplight   Before the tree
Old St. Assam's Church inside its wall, lit by lamplight, as people gather for the Lighting of the Tree...   Local figures beneath the tree
MC Chris Lennon leads the carols   Santa's arrival
Experienced singer and MC for the 2001 ceremony Chris Lennon leads the carols   Special guest for the event, Mr. Santa Claus, arrives in open-topped jeep
Santa's progress   Santa's further progress
Santa, complete with sack, makes his way into the crowd   Santa, still with his sack, continues to meet the crowd
Chris greets Santa   Santa speaks
MC Chris greets Santa and passes over the microphone   Santa Claus addresses the attendees, before heading to the Youth Club to meet the children
The Tree alight   The lit Tree and plaza
The Christmas Tree alight, with a great crowd - a lovely sight indeed!   The lit Tree on the Village Plaza, with the Hayes Memorial Cross and many local attendees

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